FACT engages in multiple youth interventions through different models and strategies. Over the period FACT has supported youth interventions through funds from Stop AIDS Now! SAN, Tearfund and GIZ.


  • To improve the knowledge and life skills of 500 young people involved in HIV & AIDS prevention and care activities through sexual and reproductive health education by December 2020.
  • To increase learning and information sharing amongst 500 young people and adults by engaging participatory methods of STAR and community dialogue by December 200.
  • To promote self reliance among 15 young people by integrating sustainable livelihood activities into their HIV and AIDS initiatives by December 2020.
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination among young through community outreach support to individuals and households infected and affected by HIV and AIDS by December 2020.



    To influence the social context in which young people live to prevent new HIV infections and assist individuals and households affected by HIV and AIDS




Having implemented Young People We Care activities, the following are the expected outcomes:

  • Improved knowledge, attitudes and behavior about HIV & AIDS issues among young people.
  • Increased access by young people to core interventions for HIV care and prevention services
  • Improved economic self reliance amongst youths
  • Improved decision making skills and assertiveness amongst young people
  • More understanding by youths on adolescent sexual reproductive health rights