FACT Zimbabwe is a Christian-based AIDS service and development organization with a National footprint in Zimbabwe.  The organisation was established in 1987 as Zimbabwe’s first AIDS Service Organization (ASO).

FACT Zimbabwe has rapidly transformed itself to be a broad community-centred and supported organization. The organization’s sources of support, integration, association and target have grown to cover the broader community structures. The initial focus on HIV has been expanded to cover broader developmental issues such as livelihoods, wider health concerns, capacity development and research. Overall, FACT has graduated from its day of inception to become one of the broad-based national NGOs supporting communities and the development needs of Zimbabwe and the region.

Volunteers remain one of the key pillars of FACT’s progress. They provide care and counselling services to HIV-infected and affected individuals and households. There are over 1 400 volunteers who are actively supporting FACT’s work in Zimbabwe.

Thus, FACT has not only evolved as a development organization but as a model which over the years has been adopted by related entities within and beyond Zimbabwe’s borders.

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