our Mission


Healthy and Empowered Communities

This vision has been crafted knowing fully well that it is aspirational on the part of FACT. All the work that the organisation will do during the strategic period should be seen to be contributing towards the broader vision. 

Mission Statement

FACT Zimbabwe is a Christian based national organisation working in and through partnerships to improve health (including HIV and AIDS) and reduce poverty among marginalised people in Zimbabwe and beyond, with a special focus on gender.


FACT Zimbabwe’s core values serve as a foundation for all we do, who we are, and how we do it. They articulate the share expectations of each other and those whom we work with.

We Build a Heritage of Equity and Justice

To fulfil our dream for a just and equitable world, we take into account and stand to challenge societal differences, and injustices, such as those based on ethnicity, disability, gender, age, geography or beliefs.

We Express the Language of Love and Compassion

The motivation behind our passion for community flows out of the heart of our Christian faith. Our aspiration to express God’s love is reflected in the way that we perceive, relate with, and serve each other, within and outside the organisation.

We Foster a Lifestyle of Integrity

Our commitment to honesty and truthfulness allows clarity when considering options and choices. In so doing, we experience the joy and confidence that comes from having our lives knit together with a sense of unity in purpose and honour. We are committed to
confidentiality about the information and data for our beneficiaries and the information that is generated for internal use by the organisation.

We Live on Principles of Transparency and Accountability

Genuinely sharing thoughts, ideas, and information with all stakeholders, we take responsibility and ownership of the decisions and actions that we make and take. This helps us to maintain trust, confidence, and sustainable partnerships.

We Promote a Culture of Acceptance and Inclusion

Rooted in our Christian values, we cherish, respect, and embrace everyone, regardless of background or circumstances. We especially value greater involvement of people living with HIV; inclusion of persons with disabilities; and actively reaching out to those excluded in society.
These values must be lived daily by all FACT Board members, staff, and community-based volunteers. The organisation will be judged on how they keep and practice these values as much as they implement impactful programmes in the target communities.