What is adherence to HIV treatment
Adherence to HIV treatment means taking all the medicines that make up your HIV treatment
combination in the right quantities, at the right time, as close as possible to the same time each day,
following instructions about food and to checking for interactions with other medicines or drugs
which include medicines that a doctor prescribes to you, over-the-counter products, herbal and
alternative medicines, and recreational drugs.

Challenges being faced by People Living with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic

Restricted movements due to COVID-19 induced lockdowns posed a challenge for HIV medication
refills for people living with HIV. The Children Tariro Consortium has been working closely with the
Government of Zimbabwe, to ensure people living with HIV receive their medication refills on time.
For successful Anti-Retroviral Treatment, nutrition plays a key role in the efficacy of the medication.
Some households have had their livelihoods disrupted due to the COVID- 19 lockdown posing a threat
to the gains of ART. Families and vulnerable households have been linked to utilise food relief aid
initiatives being provided by GOAL, World Food Programme and the Department of Social
Development during the lockdown.

What to do in the face of a possible stock out of HIV treatment?
• Contact your nearest health facility, Village Health Workers/ child care workers to
have at least 3 months’ supply of medication provided.
• Do not resort to using another person’s medication
• Continue eating nutritious foods which are important to compliment the medication.

Do not stop taking you HIV treatment during the lockdown. HIV treatment will keep your immune
system healthy and keeps you safe from infections. Take your medication as directed, in time,
everyday! For adherence support, counselling and assistance in medication refill kindly call FACT
Zimbabwe Helpline on 08080483 today