The Future of FACT

As 2012 drew to an end, FACT emerged as one of the most buoyant national NGOs, ready to continue with expansion and to sustain and consolidate its position as a national development organisation. New and humbly massive projects characterised the close of 2012 and are to comfortably carry the organisation into 2013 and beyond. Key among these has been the USAID OVC project under the USAID Forward approach. Also, of importance has been FACT’s capacity to attract substantial funding for research and implementation science operations. EPAZ, UNICEF and RTI fall into this fold.
The other defining features characteristic of 2012 and likely to be fully projected in 2013 and possibly two years down the line, is FACT’s increased focus on health and research interventions. In this list comes EPAZ, Road Wellness Border interventions, support from PSI for New Life and New Start Centres and from GIZ under the Employee Wellness Project. Added to the list is the organisation’s increasing focus on education and social support for vulnerable communities through the USAID funded Vana Bantwana (VB) project covering the Eastern and Southern hub of Zimbabwe. FACT continues to receive uninterrupted and in some cases amplified support from traditional funders in Home Based Care and other social behaviour interventions such as the National Behaviour Change Programme. FACT’s work with churches under Tearfund UK and Netherlands needs to be highlighted as well since working through churches, has impacted greatly in terms of reaching many people.

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