You need any help Global Fund SSR Programme Call? Frequently Asked Questions below

01. Is it US$26,000 per the entire 3 year period per district or its $26,000 per district per year?

The $26000 is indicative of 3 year activities expenditure per district.

02. Please may you provide more information about the programme including application forms?
03. We are writing to request for the application forms and templates.

Refer to item Annex V contained in the ToRs. It gives guidance on sections you need to respond to , the number of pages per section and other essential guidance .

04. With reference to the Call for Sub Sub Recipients (SSRs) to implement Global Fund NFM3, we would like to request for the RFI 1st questionnaire.

Please refer to full ToRs . All that which you might need is contained in the ToRs

05.Can consortium apply for this grant?

Yes, enjoy the freedom to innovate.

06.What guiding principles if any, should guide our application or influence framework/ strategy of delivery and roll out in response to the SSR call.

Cost effectiveness, limited or and low operational costs/ overheads, community ownership and running of the project/decentralization, community led programming.