FACT Zimbabwe participated in the 7th edition of the REPSSI Psycho-social Support Forum which took place in Johannesburg South Africa. During the forum, FACT shared the ” Factors contributing to poor health seeking behavior by youth 18-24 years. The platform facilitated the sharing of the various strategies being used by FACT Zimbabwe to close the gap between service provision and wellness for clients, community cadres, and staff.

FACT Zimbabwe Health and Community Linkages Specialist, Delia Chimedza sharing the work being done by FACT Zimbabwe during the PSS forum. (5 October 2023)

Presentation Highlights:

  • Need to create successful initiatives that the community owns and is invested in the success of through four key principles of LISTEN– To learn more about community needs, challenges, community assets, and what is already working; DEFINE– Outline the issue that can be addressed with the participants, from a new perspective that opens new opportunities; CREATE– Develop/co-design with the participants a variety of possible community actions; and TEST– Test the potential interventions with the community what works, what does not, learn from it, tweak it.

Link to the Full presentation:  REPSSI HCD ABSTRACT SEPTEMBER 2023 Revised (1).pptx

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