FACT’s Growth


2012 has seen FACT amassing substantial growth prospects likely to spill over into 2013 and beyond. Nonetheless, challenges both seen and unforeseen come with such growth and expansion. Increasingly, FACT has to reposition herself to handle surge in resources and manpower that are associated with such phenomenal growth. Added to this is the management and overall roll out of the increase in responsibilities that come with positive developments of this nature. 2013 thus presents significant challenges and risks for the organisation. Efforts need to be turned to harness growth to fulfil the vision, mission and goals of the organisation.
Looking into the future, 2013 should see a stable but growing FACT. There is a strong possibility or likelihood that just like 2012, 2013 will see FACT increasingly becoming a fountain of support for most national organisations.
Notwithstanding all these positives, are the threats highlighted: overhead costs likely to be associated with a wide spanning organisation. With expansion also comes potential suspicion by politicians and other stakeholders in the new frontiers. To compound this, are the ongoing preparations for general elections. These have a bearing on broader NGO operations of which FACT is one. Elections tend to stifle operations. NGOs in general have been labelled as regime change agents. FACT’s expansion to new frontiers is likely to be given a blanket treatment and suspicion. This is likely to cause delays resulting in increased protocols and delays linked to the need for unjustified clearance, extra judicial controls, and double and in some cases multiple reporting structures.
All in all, 2012 has seen FACT consolidating its position in research, provision of Palliative Care and maintained and perfected other traditional responsibilities, such as OVC care and support.

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